February 16, 2024
REJECT: Story-telling, Comedy, & Social Commentary for a 21st Century Dystopia

A solo performance of Anthony Myers hosted by Jackie Ashkin, REJECT explores the consequences of arbitrary rejection on individuals, culture, and society. Through personal story-telling, social commentary, blunt satire and comedy Anthony uses his adoption, family dynamics, and the influence of agism to expose what will actually influence the 21st Century Dystopia. Ultimately, a “call to healing,” REJECT encourages the use of personal resilience to deal with rejection and tap into our artistic, creative, expressive selves. Described by Anne Sabbah, Director of the Denver Fringe Festival as, “… thought provoking and beautifully performed,” REJECT will make you laugh, cry… and think.

When: February 16 - 19.00

Tickets: 5 eur (link below)

Where: MACA, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 61, 1033 RC Amsterdam