February 6, 2024

Stimulated by The Cultuurfonds, MACA presents a residency for filmmakers, artists working in the audiovisual medium or audiovisual professionals that want to advance their artistic voice and explore their own cinematic language. The residency offers 5 candidates a workspace for 5 months and a stipend of € 1.500.

As the audiovisual industry operates in a neoliberal society it rewards a formulaic approach to the making of images and the creation of films, many audiovisual works being produced in the Netherlands seem to look and feel like more of the same. Finding an own cinematic voice and daring to experiment is often disencouraged, creatively, financially and practically. So how can one create a framework for themselves to navigate these pressures and stay true to their own vision/voice?

Giving filmmakers and audiovisual artists a space and the freedom to further develop their artistic voice and explore their distinctively own cinematic language, MACA presents a new artistic residency of five months that aims to stimulate talent to break out of the norms and create audiovisual works in their own fashion.  

From March 1st till July 15th, the selected residents will be given a workspace in MACA, where they can develop their artistic voice and further explore their cinematic language. A stipend of € 1.500,- is also offered per selected resident. The other MACA residents who are all working in the audiovisual industry can function as sources of information, inspiration and encouragement. MACA encourages the artists to explore their relationship within this community, and supports collaborations within the offered network.  Furthermore, the residents will have access to an in-house DCP projector and spacious screening room and free access to the public events held at MACA, which often focus on talent development of the (Netherlands’) audiovisual industry. This artistic residency allows filmmakers to work on their projects, organize screenings, test their films as work-in-progress showcases, or initiate other events that help them in developing their artistic practices, while also asking them to think about strategies that allow them to stay true to their voices in their careers after the residency.

At the end of their residencies, the selected participants are asked to present a personal manifesto — in any style, form or medium — that advocates for their own cinematic language and that can be applied on further projects. 

How to apply

Application deadline is 16th of February and applicants will be notified by the 23rd of February. To apply, send a short proposal of what kind of manifesto you would like to develop during the residency and how it will help you guide your professional choices to find your voice (max 1 a4), alongside a short bio or CV (max 1a4). It can be submitted either in Dutch or English or you can also apply by audio and/or video with a maximum length of 4 min for the proposal + bio/cv. 

Send your application to maca@loads.amsterdam.