July 12, 2024
ME-ANDER by Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer invites you to ME-ANDER – a two day installation that takes you through a river-themed maze onto an immersive industrial techno dancefloor with UV light show. The theme draws attention to meanders - the natural, lazy flow of rivers. These climate buffers have been artificially channeled in many parts of the Dutch flood plain, locking up their potential to combat drought and improve water quality. Like the rivers themselves, ME-ANDER encourages participants to temporarily slow down, and engage the whole range of their senses as they move through the sinuous curves of the installation. Lily pads float like bio-UFOs above the eyeline, while a cornucopia of aquatic animals invite touch and inter-species play above and below the water line. After emerging fully restored and transformed by the experience, the final destination for participants will be the dancefloor, where the river empties into an industrial zone, like the port cities of the Netherlands. There, dark melodic techno soundtracks a huge UV backdrop and strobing light show.

This installation is part of MACA's program as a partner to the Over het IJ Festival