February 5, 2024
🎬 AI Film Mash: A 36-Hour Film Challenge at MACA

We invite enthusiasts and filmmakers to join us in a distinctive cinematic experience where creativity converges with cutting-edge technology. Starting with a launch event at MACA on February 29th at 6 pm, the AI Film Mash will offer participants an immersive experience filled with inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

By participating in this unique challenge, attendees will gain invaluable experience in integrating AI tools into their filmmaking process as well as the opportunity to showcase the resulting films during the main event on March 2nd at 19:00. Attendees will not only have their work screened but also stand a chance to receive professional feedback from esteemed artists.The night of the main event will provide an artistic platform for exposure and recognition, and the audience will determine the winning film. Additionally, an open call for artists of diverse backgrounds and expertise levels will serve as a platform for wider engagement, which will provide participants with an opportunity to exchange insights and experiences.

Join us in this event of fun, creativity and the limitless possibilities that emerge when artificial intelligence intersects with the art of filmmaking.

Event Dates:

Registration: By emailing your details to maca@loads.amsterdam anytime before February 29th.
Launch: Join us at MACA on February 29th at 6 pm to be grouped or paired, receive instructions, and collect creative elements for your film, and to kick off the challenge. Contestants will then have 36 hours to submit a minimum 3-6 minute film.

⏰ Challenge Timeline:
🕔 Start: February 29th, 8 pm
🕔 End & Submission Deadline: March 2nd, 8 am
🌟 Main Event (Screenings of the submissions at MACA Cinema): March 2nd, 19:00

🌈 Film Themes:
🌍 Diversity & Inclusiveness: Explore responsible AI practices.

🎥 Film Requirements:
🕰️ Duration: 3-6 min.
🖥️ AI Tools: Utilize AI platforms, encompassing editing software and AI-generated content. While MACA will grant access to an AI film-making platform, participants are encouraged to explore and employ any other freely available AI platforms for writing, editing, or content generation as they see fit.